Karate classes in Sevenoaks

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Karate for 4 - 6year olds in Sevenoaks



Karate classes in Sevenoaks


Karate classes in Sevenoaks

Welcome to Invicta where our aim is to help you be the best you can be in life through Karate. Our Karate classes in Sevenoaks deliver traditional training by traditional methods.

My name is Toby Price, a full time Martial Artist and I own, run and teach classes at Invicta Karate Academy. I am a former Southern Areas Champion, National Champion, England Squad and World Cup team member




Went to a rematch and they pulled this performance out👍🤜 ... See MoreSee Less
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Great work at the 2024 Regionals! Good performance by the Academy at a very well-run event by JKA England ! MedalsAlice Gurbuz - 🥉KumiteCamron Chambers - 🥉 KumiteDanny Ribeiro - 🥉 KataEleanor Olorenshaw - 🥇 KataFlorence Harvey - 🥉 Kata and 🥇 KumiteLuci Holmes - 🥇 team Kata,🥈 Kata and 🥈 KumiteMatt Alexander - 🥇 team Kata, 🥉 KataPlamen Lubiromov Gueorguiev - 🥉 Kata and 🥈 KumiteNargiza Mardanova - 🥇Kata and 🥉KumiteSimon Holden - 🥇KumiteStuart McKenny - 🥇 team Kata, 🥇 Kata and 🥇 KumiteNotable mentions👇Aleksandra HoldenAniket PoduvalAnne Kriel (4th place Kata)Charlie BryanDavid KrielEthan Price (4th place Kata)Fiona WadeHenry Olorenshaw (4th place Kata)Jamesluis Huthart- Machado (4th place Kata)Matthew FennMatt Olorenshaw (4th place Kata)Noah SmeatonPranay KikaMany thanks to Sensei Carol for her coaching and team management on the day. Excellent work by everyone and please do consider entering the Nationals (details have been emailed and will be available in class). New competitors are welcome to join as well...the more the merrier! ... See MoreSee Less
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Good luck to all students competing at the Regionals tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less
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The first Kata in Shotokan Karate is only 20 moves but.... with each move three of your limbs move in different directions.So that's 60 individual moves condensed in 20 steps then. There are 7 turns as well so it's multi-directional.If you have never learnt a Kata before it's hard. It's harder to do it correctly with all the things I've mentioned above. There are 25 Shotokan Kata but you never forget the feeling of nailing your first one. ... See MoreSee Less
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Invicta Karate Academy
Invicta Karate Academy ... See MoreSee Less
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Sevenoaks Karate martial arts timetable

Our Monthly Membership Plans


4-6 Years Olds
  • 1st Month + Suit £50
  • 1 dojo class per week
  • Access to online student area


7 Years Plus Adults
  • 1 dojo class per week
  • Access to online student area


7 Years Plus Adults
  • train up to 3 times a week
  • Access to online student area

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Why Invicta?

Our Academy is based in Sevenoaks and dedicated to helping you become the best you can be in life through Karate. Our students have received the benefits of our programs, whether it be through focus, discipline, spirit, confidence, performance under pressure or even losing weight.

We believe that Karate is about more than just getting the next belt. Progressing in Karate is a process. Building the physical skills, mental capabilities, firing up the spirit and connecting it all together takes time. When I started Karate in 1982 I was never promised a Black Belt, I was challenged and guided to it. At Invicta, we still do the same we don’t promise Black Belts to anyone. Come to lessons, train, learn, don’t give up and we will do everything we can to get you there.